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January Term 2014 Undergraduate Course Offerings in Creative Writing

winter4.jpgJanuary Term offers students the opportunity to accelerate degree completion, earn academic credit in courses that are in high demand, and concentrate on personal interests.

The Creative Writing Program's January Term workshops (January 7-24, 2014) are open to both NYU and visiting (non-NYU) students. Beginning on October 21, 2013, current NYU students will be able to register for the January Term on Albert. Visiting students should refer to the NYU January Term Website for eligibility and registration information.


Course Offerings

Creative Writing: Intro to Fiction & Poetry

This workshop offers an exciting introduction to the basic elements of poetry and fiction—with in-class writing, take-home reading and writing assignments, and substantive discussions of craft. The course is structured as a workshop, which means that students will receive feedback from their instructor and their fellow writers in a roundtable setting, and should be prepared to offer their classmates responses to their work. No prerequisite. 4 points.

CRWRI-UA 815 001 Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction and Poetry Syllabus
Geoffrey Nutter, TWRF, 2:00pm-4:55pm 

CRWRI-UA 815 002 Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction and Poetry Syllabus
Adam Fitzgerald, TWRF, 2:00pm-4:55pm

CRWRI-UA 815 003 Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction and Poetry Syllabus
John Murillo, TWRF, 2:00pm-4:55pm

Intermediate Fiction Workshop

The intermediate workshop offers budding fiction writers an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the genre and broaden their knowledge of the evolution of literary forms and techniques. Prerequisite: CRWRI-UA.815, CRWRI-UA.9815, CRWRI-UA.0818/9, CRWRI-UA.9818/9, CRWRI-UA.9828/9 or equivalent. 4 points.

CRWRI-UA 816 001 Intermediate Fiction Workshop Syllabus
Irini Spanidou
, TWRF, 2:00pm-4:55pm
The emphasis of this course is on the discovery, encouragement and development of each student's individual voice. The focus is not on theory of craft but on each case in point. Whatever works is right: a story that fulfills its intentions justifies its means. Rather than forcing a piece of writing into formulaic “perfection,” the aim is to facilitate its clarity and momentum, and to bring out its truth, enabling the work to achieve a cohesive, organic whole—a structure as unique as the voice that engenders it.

Questions about studying creative writing during the January Term?

For general January Term questions-- including those related to visiting student eligibility and registration-- please contact the Office of University Programs ( or 212-998-4433). Please contact Undergraduate Programs Manager Jessica Flynn ( with any academic questions about the Creative Writing Program’s January Term 2014 offerings.