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The New Salon: Poets in Conversation

hawkey.jpeg Christian Hawkey has also received awards from the Poetry Fund and the Academy of American Poets. He teaches at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.
Hour of Lucid Vegetation
Copyright by Christian Hawkey

Audiovisual sky, crimped
by a skein of geese,
our skeletons locked

upwards & into place.
Look up, & the mouth
drops open. Look up

& the sky drops in
—a blue guest—
one white cloud snagged

on the tip of our
brain stems. Drainage
occurs, in real time.

& the one who told me
our posture determines
our experience of time

was standing over me.
I was lying down. A
water-bead shot
down the weathered surface
of a fence post, which rotted
right before my eyes.